Friday, March 2, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tid Bits!!!

We went to Mt Vernon and toured George Washingtons home. I really enjoyed seeing things as they were back then. It makes history come alive.

The burial grounds of George and Martha Washington.

Inside the blacksmith shop on Washingtons farm. He was a farmer before he became a general and president.

David totally enjoyed the air and flight museums.

The Arlington national cemetary was a sobering sight.

We got to watch the changing of the guards at the tomb of the unknown soldier.

A trip to our nations capital. Awesome!!! We did a tour of DC on a segway. It was a total blast. We are trying to figure out how we could utilize a segway on the farm. hahahah.

Christmas after Christmas, just missing one grandbaby (Gabby) Next year we will all be together.

Sam was a raindeer for her christmas play.

Cadens christmas program, I think he is singing " Once there was a snowman"

Abigaile just looking cute in her bird hat. Can you tell Jack was a star for his Christmas play.

Abigaile is a cute little bird.

Caden Helping Grandpa fix the sink.

Caden, Brycen, and Jack playing wild animals. They look pretty furocious, don't ya think. Lions! Tigers! and Bears, OH MY!!!

Brycen and Clara thought they needed to get wrapped up to go out side. they had to much fun dressing that they never made it outside.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Catch up!!!

3 new babies, family reunion, Anniversary, The cutes grandkids ever.

We rode the cable cars in SanFransisco.

We visited Alcatraz. A scary place to be.

We got to tour a liberty ship like the one David's dad was on in WWII. When we went to California for our 33rd anniversary.

Saw the golden gate bridge. It is amazing.

Had a big Gilbert family reunion in July.

Most of the family, minus Katie and Alan who had just had Gabby a few days before.

Jack and Clara as "Jack N Jill" Abby, as the cutest cow.

Heathers kids at Halloween, Sam and Justine as ladybugs, Caden of course as batman and Brycen his usual self, curious george.

Brycen decide he wanted to wear grandpa's boots .

Justine and Gabby being twins.

Gabby with her pal.

I ran a half marathon (13.1 miles) in 2hours and 53minutes. not bad for an old lady.

The family cheering me on.

Caden enjoying his birthday cake.

Sam after her dance recital.

Brycen in disguise as a "I don't know what"

Jack and McKay helping feed the horses.

Justine's blessing day.

McKay being Mr. cool.

Alan and Katies little one Gabrielle

Gabby's blessing day!

Josh and Heathers little one Justine.

Craig and Angies little one Abigaile on her blessing day.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Ashton was blessed this last Sunday. Great Grandma Gilbert had lots of fun talking to him. he seemed quite interested in what she had to say. Having her there was very special for Jason.
I was watching the kids one evening and we had fun making valentine surprises for their moms and dads.
In Preschool we had our Nursery Rhyme unit and I was the old women who lived in a shoe. We had Jack and Jill, the moon from Hey diddle diddle, two Mary Mary quite contrary's, a baker,a Little bo peep and others as usual it was lots of fun doing nursery rhymes.
Brycen celebrated his 1st birthday. he liked the cupcake but wasn't to sure about the candle and fire. he got his own little recliner chair from his Grandma and Grandpa Fitzhugh, and he new exactly what to do with it.
I made a little quilt for Abigaile, nothing fancy, just something with lots of pink.